Lectures on line

A tsung on beyner, or A tsing un bayner : the accents of Yiddish, by Yitskhok Niborski, with Rubye Monet and David Kurc. Listen here.

Lecture by Simon Epstein on the publication of his book 1930 : une année dans l’histoire du peuple juif (éd. Stock). Listen here.

Encounter with Moshe Sakal on the publication of his book Yolanda (éd. Stock), with Marie-Pierre Grâcedieu and Valérie Zenatti, moderated by Sharon Bar-Kochva and Gilles Rozier. Listen here.

Our measure is not beauty by horror : poems by Peretz Markish, Uri-Zvi Grinberg and Melekh Ravitsh. Presentation in French by Gilles Rozier, bilingual readings by Sharon Bar-Kochva and Noëmi Waysfeld, French translations: Charles Dobzynski. Listen here.

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