Season Utopias of Yiddish : talks and film showings

Saturday May 5
3 pm. Film
Les Champs dorés
Directed by Beth Hatfutsoth (Museum of the Jewish People, Israel).
Documentary /Israel / 26mn /Yiddish and Hebrew, English subtitles.
Interviews with former Jewish colonists in Crimea now living in Israel.

3.30 Lecture
Jews of the Kolkhoz!
Who says that Jews can only be merchants? Jewish agricultural colonies in Ukraine and Crimea (1917-1939).
By Thomas Chopard, PhD candidate in history (École des hautes études en sciences socials)

Wednesday May 9
8.30 p.m. Lecture
 Birobidjan today
By Anne Nivat, international reporter, and Boris Kotlerman, native of Birobidjan.
With the participation of Rachel Kamelgarn.
The lecture will be preceded by a film showing.
L’État juif du bout du monde  (Jewish state at the end of the earth)
By Johan Bodin and Stanislas de Saint-Hippolyte.
Documentary (France) /1988 /17mn /French.
Birobidjan, situated 6 000 kilometers east of Moscow, was given to the Jews of Russia by Stalin in the 1920s. This enclave in the heart of eastern Siberia still exists today.

Saturday May 12
4.30 p.m.  Film
Chercheurs de bonheur.(Searching for Happiness) By Vladimir Korch-Sablin.
U. S. S. R / 1936 / 85 mn /Russian with English sub-titles.
Jewish immigrants from the United States come to settle in the Jewish Autonomous Region of Birobidjan. One of the actors is Benjamin Zuskine, famous as a member of Goset, the Yiddish State Theater of Moscow.
Yiddish specialties will be proposed before the lecture.

8 p.m. Lecture (in English, with simultaneous translation by Gaby Taub)
Le Birobidjan dans l’imagerie soviétique
By David Shneer, professor and director of Jewish studies at the University of Colorado. Presentation of his recent work Through Soviet Jewish Eyes : Photography, War, and the Holocaust (Rutgers University Press).

Admission: (lectures and films): 5 €. Members: 3 €.

Information on the exhibition “Utopias of Yiddish” (until June 26) and on the tour of the Russian Far East from August 20 to 31, 2012, with the association Valiske.

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